The Unconventional Path To Financial Certainty and Fulfillment
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It's Really Hard To Make A Good Decision, Relying Upon Bad Information

What If You Maybe Making Really Important Financial Decisions With Inaccurate, or Incomplete Information? 

Retired+Free is a metaphor for having it all in retirement.  A life that is full of purpose-filled activities, meaningful relationships, and the peace of financial certainty. While this may sound incredible, this life is only possible when you are able to make a series of really good decisions.

Having It All in Retirement Will Require You To Be Intentional About Defining The Life You Actually Want, Supported By A Financial Plan You Understand And Are Certain Will Work.

Therefore, Retired + Free is a framework for thinking about Retirement from an unconventional, yet empowering perspective, equipped with an understanding for how to choose the financial products and services that really make the most sense for you, your life, your goals, the life you want to live in retirement.

Pedro Adao, RICP®
Is a #1 Best Selling Author, a Retirement Income Certified Professional®, and Founder of Fortress Financial and Insurance Services. 

With Over 10 years of experience as a Financial Professional, Pedro approaches planning for retirement in a unconventional way by helping his clients first get clear about the retirement lifestyle they are best suited for, and then helping them align their financial decisions with their goals and objectives.

Retirement is much more than a financial event. Pedro is passionate about seeing his clients experience all new levels of joy, fulfillment, certainty, and purpose in retirement. Inside of the Retired + Free Community, Retirement is the Starting Line, not the Finish Line.
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